The perfect wedding needs to be beautiful, meaningful but  also official.

That’s where our Religious Marriage Celebrants Come In!

Officially licenced as religious celebrants, our team can provide all the official requirements for weddings, plus give you a marriage ceremony worth remembering.
Sure, we are pastors so we are qualified to conduct religious marriage services, but we offer so much more.

We’re not stuffy, boring, religious ministers, but rather contemporary, laid back and relaxed pastors, who are here to serve you and make your day exactly the way you want it.

We can make it formal, or relaxed… Your Choice!

We can tailor what we say so it fits with what you want, whether you want a traditional Christian wedding or a civil wedding with a Christian element… Your Choice!

We can select Bible passages that will speak wisdom into your marriage from day one, and continue to lead and guide you throughout the remainder of your lives together.

As religious marriage celebrants, we believe that adding a Christian element to your wedding is a wonderful thing, but we do not push our faith onto anyone.  

We are here to serve and honour you on your big day. Here’s a little about our Religious Marriage Celebrants…    

For more information and pricing on our religious marriage celebrants, contact us now

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  1. Angus Jones

    Hey guys just enquiring if people have had Catholics weddings at the chapel? I know that if I get a priest to officiate the wedding, it can be done outside a Catholic Church.. so I’m just wondering if there’s been a few there or not? As my partner and I really like this chapel as a potential wedding site.. and I was also wondering how much it is to hire the venue?

    Thank you
    Kind regards


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